Wallpapers 3.2.9 for three or four performers ()

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  • Alexey Sysoev – No-Input Mixing Board, Max/MSP,
  • Vladimir Gorlinsky – acoustic guitar,
  • Darya Zvezdina – viola,
  • Yury Favorin – piano, objects.
  • Fancymusic,
About Wallpapers 3.2:

Wallpapers 3.2 is a direct and natural continuation of the version 3.1. The difference from the previous version is that the sequence of strategies is secretly chosen by the musicians and the instrumentation narrows to a chamber one. Now it’s a quartet. Living with the previous version for more than a year, living through a lot at the concerts, I wanted to challenge the algorithm of my composition in a chamber, subtle and detailed consequences. I wanted to go away from the inertia of the general forms of movement, which are associated with big ensembles and to bring the possibility of operations with more active elements, making the texture, structure and form more flexible.

I am glad that we have two quartets that are so different. This way, I (we) have the opportunity of comparison and observation of my musical ideas in two completely different situations. It is also some sort of an experiment. The first quartet is performed by Vladimir Gorlinsky (guitar), Alexander Manotskov (gong or cello), Dmitri Ovchinnikov (two-hand saw) and me. The second quartet consists of me, Vladimir Gorlinsky, Yuri Favorin (piano) and Daria Zvezdina (viola). I was risking inviting these musicians to collaborate, which turned out more than successful, being aware of how different the musical and esthetic backgrounds of these performers are. Nevertheless, being ready to an experiment, to sudden changes of logic and a definite wish to keep up the dialogue, acting within the frames of the ethics, which the score suggests, have led to a satisfying result. I am very happy that with the help of my friends I have this possibility to continue experimenting within these two, or, to be more precise, one musical laboratory. Alexey Sysoev, translated by Oleg Krokhalev

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